Rezension – Schlafende Hunde – Sideline

13 Sep Rezension – Schlafende Hunde – Sideline

Why didn’t Trisol let the sleeping dog lie?

The bicephallic monster JANUS strikes back with a new astounding production work! Overwhelmingly heavy, this new album features gratingly omnipresent strong guitars, locomotive drumming and angry powerful german vocals.

JANUS continues intermixing multifaceted song arrangemens to reinforce the contrast and diversity of their tracks. Playing with melodies and calm moments and harsher powerful parts, JANUS always bite your throat at the least expected moment and will only relieve their prey when they decide to.

We can admire the gigantic effort placed in the precise and nearly obsessional production work on this album where every voice, guitar, drum and synth was calculatedly placed. Although I must admit that it’s definitly not my most favourite style of music, I must recognize that JANUS have definitly a sound of their own and an amazing song writing maturity.

Between metal and goth, JANUS do surprise!


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