Rezension – Nachtmahr – Radio Goethe

13 Sep Rezension – Nachtmahr – Radio Goethe

What an album! You really need time and space for this one by JANUS . Nicely packed in a digipack, two CDs and a beautifully done booklet. JANUS are now with Trisol Records, the label that has also signed ASP and Samsas Traum. No wonder that the whole packaging of Nachtmahr is also in this tradition.

The first CD is filled with small stories about war. Very deep lyrics that pull you in, the music is more a soundtrack to the texts. This record can’t be compared to former JANUS releases. The hard sound is missing, it’s more the emotional level that the duo is reaching this time. It reminds me on Hörspiele or radio plays – sit down, put this CD in and listen. It’s nothing for playing in a car or listening while reading a book.

Nachtmahr creates pictures of its own and you as the listener have to follow. You envision the soldier, the children, the starving dog, characters that come alive on this CD. It’s a crown jewel for JANUS, I’m not sure if this album will sell well, but hey, music is art, and JANUS are known for doing things they want to do without looking left or right.

I highly recommend Nachtmahr by JANUS.

Arnt Peltner für Radio Goethe

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